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Project: Mobile & tablet-based POS platform

Inception, design and technical delivery of an EMV certified (software and hardware) mobile and tablet-based point of sale platform.
  • Product design, business model development, partner relations
  • Built and led product and technical teams (UK and China)
  • Off-the-shelf hardware sourcing (China)
  • Custom hardware design and manufacture (UK, China)
  • Due diligence in technology acquisitions
  • Delivered the product and technical solution (Asia, Africa, Europe)
  • Influential in early customer wins (Asia, Africa, Europe)
Key elements: Business development, product & technology team leadership, technical and functional due diligence, software (mobile apps, web front end, back end, embedded, SOA, cloud, APIs, SDKs, localisation), hardware design & manufacture, mobile (iOS, Android), EMV, PCI, Bluetooth.

Project: Mobile payments, loyalty and rewards platform

Inception, design and commercial delivery of an international mobile based payments, loyalty, and rewards platform.
  • Product design, business model development, partner relations
  • Built and led product and technology teams (UK)
  • Led product through prototype to first production delivery
  • Influential in fund successful raise ($160m)
  • Market research and market opportunity evaluations (research based, data driven)
  • Due diligence in technology acquisition, and post acquisition integration
  • Championed API first strategy, based on a scalable SOA cloud-based architecture
  • Delivered first customers in Asia, Europe, UK, and LATAM
Key elements: Business development, product & technology team leadership, software (mobile apps, web front end, back end, SOA, cloud, APIs, SDKs, localisation), mobile (iOS, Android), UX, user testing, PCI, Bluetooth, audio signal encoding and detection, image recognition, NFC/RFID.

Project: Elderly concierge service and marketplace (web)

Inception, design and prototype delivery of an elderly personal concierge service and marketplace.
  • Business ideation, market research
  • Business model design, business plan development
  • Prototype design and delivery
Key elements: Ideation and product design, business plan, website design, website development, market research, prototype delivery.

Project: iPad visual CV/Resume builder

Inception, design and commercial delivery of this iPad app for creating beautiful WYSIWYG visual/infographic CVs/resumes.

"The prettiest résumé builder you ever did see" - Leo Laporte, on This Week in Tech

Apple Featured App and AppStore chart topper
  • Ideation, product definition, scoping, MVP
  • Engaged design and development resources and managed development and delivery
  • Social media marketing, PR
  • App currently available in iPad app store
key elements: Inception, ideation and product design, MVP/scoping, UX, engagement of 3rd party design and development teams, oversaw product build, launch, PR, social media.

Project: Technology patent risk assessment

Review of competitors’ patents with respect to client’s technology IP, to report on possible risk of infringement in response to competitors' patent challenges, supporting clients legal advisors.
  • Review of competitors’ patents in comparison with client’s technological IP
  • Assessment of whole patent, including abstract, detailed description, embodiments, diagrams, and claims
  • Output report outlining technological similarities between patent claims and client’s own technology where relevant, and arguments and evidence in support of client’s case where claims are not infringed
Key elements: Patent understanding and review, independent technology expert opinion, liaison with client's patent attorneys, research for and references to prior art (where applicable), arguments in support of non-infringement (where applicable),  formal output report.

Project: International go-to-market research and advisory

Investigation and determination of key target markets for a new payment technology, development of methodology, conducted research, and provided output and recommendations to C-level leadership.
  • Clarification of project brief and objectives with senior stakeholders
  • Determining appropriate and suitable metrics for measurement of technological and commercial market readiness, and developed spreadsheet models for comparative assessment
  • Discovery and assembly of third party research and data sources into spreadsheet model, and development of outputs
  • Consideration of cultural and 'soft' market factors into final analysis, and presentation of output report
Key elements: Market research, development of models and methodology, data acquisition, analyst relations, Excel, presentation of outputs.

Project: Global business directory listings database

Inception, design and commercial delivery of the world’s largest business listing database.
  • Ideation, product definition, business model development, scoping, MVP, and commercial delivery
  • Product and engineering management through more than 30 subsequent feature iterations
  • Business plan development and successful fund raise ($2m)
  • UX, user testing, AB testing, introduction to Agile development
  • PR and marketing, outbound email marketing, SEO, viral loops, conversion funnel development
  • Analytics and measurement to inform product development decisions
  • Evolution of four distinct revenue models (business is still profitable)
Key elements: Co-founder, inception, ideation and product design, MVP/scoping, business development, partner relations, commercial leadership, product & technology team leadership, , UX, user testing, AB and MV testing, PR, SEO, outbound email marketing, automation and self-service.


What others say about me... 

"David is a wealth of knowledge and experience in the digital space. He combines business savvy with technical know-how; process optimisation and ideal organisation structure; analytical thinking and strategic vision. It's very rare for a leader to be great at details and great at management"

Associate Director BI & Analytics, Omnicom Media Group (New York, NY)

"Dave pretty much personifies the word 'Driven'.  We worked in a constantly challenging and ambiguous environment yet for every bump in the road and blind alley I knew we could rely on Dave to keep our team's forward momentum with bags of encouraging energy, his never-quit, questioning intellect and the enthusiastic leadership that make him so unique"

Azure Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation (Seattle, WA)

"Dave is one of those guys who stops at nothing to make great things happen. He's highly creative and has unparalleled presentation skills. He's not only built startups from scratch and has orchestrated successful delivery of great consumer web products, he's a great networker and motivator who takes on projects with passion and vigour. I'd recommend working with David any time"

CEO, SF NewTech (San Francisco, CA)

"a unique individual who radiates positive energy onto everyone he works with. He's a fantastic coach/motivator. He's taught how to successfully implement scrum for web development... drastically shortened, accurate delivery time... I couldn't work any other way now!"

e-Commerce Director, Friday Media Group (UK)

"he has brought about profound change to the organisation through his energy, passion, knowledge and drive for results"

Chief Technology Officer, Airtasker PTY (Sydney, Australia)

"I can summarise my opinion of David in three words: capacity, passion, commitment"

Principle, Verto Group LLC (Denver, CO)

"Dave is a focussed delivery engine, who never stops. Accurate, reliable, committed. An asset to any business he works for"

Head of Digital Transformation, BUPA (UK)

"a highly professional, driven individual who was never afraid to challenge my thinking"

Chief Operating Officer, Intelligent Point of Sale Limited (UK)

"a true professional that I would trust to deliver time after time"

Manager Startups and Emerging Markets EMEA, Sun Microsystems (UK)
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