Strategy Definition

Whether you're new to a market or an incumbent, your business is faced with opportunities and challenges, from existing and new competitors, and from inside and outside your market.

I help you to see the opportunities and challenges, and to take seedling ideas, evaluate their potential, expand them into well-formed plans, and develop the business and operational plans needed to deliver them.  I specialise in digital transformation strategy and enablement; examining how new technologies can help you transform your business, defend against competitors, and seize new market opportunities.

It’s about figuring out how technology can help you learn more about your business, learn how to make your business better, and then making it all happen.

Design & Planning

A great digital strategy is nothing without the technology to back it up. Whether it's something as simple as a new website, development of your social profiles, mobile apps, APIs, a new hardware product, or an entire & complex customer-facing or back-office software platform, I'll help you clarify and articulate your needs, scope it, design it, and articulated it so it can be reliably delivered.

I specialise in digital products, including software and hardware, and have extensive experience in Web, Mobile Apps, User Experience, Consumer Engagement, e-Commerce, m-Commerce, Payments, APIs, SOA, Bluetooth, and NFC.

I help you define the minimum scope necessary for launch, and a logical roadmap to full delivery, along with measurable milestones to track progress along the way.

Delivery & Iteration

You know what you need, but now you need to make it happen.

At the commercial & strategic level, I help you to develop the commercial relationships and partnerships needed for successful delivery - whether it's seeking out and securing those first flagship customers, or establishing and formalising relationships with needed technology or distribution partners.

At the operational & tactical level, I've recruited, grown, and led product & technical delivery teams from 0 to 120 people in businesses of all shapes and sizes in Agile and classic waterfall environments.  I assemble, manage, and lead appropriately-sized, cross-functional, teams to rapidly deliver technology-based solutions to business problems, ensuring the successful and timely delivery of your project and a positive ROI on your bottom line.

The Extended Team

I draw on my personal network of experienced professionals to bring hands-on expertise and experience to every project. From branding & marketing, through human resources and change management, to hardcore architecture & coding, and everything in between - my extended network ensures you get the very best specialists, for every aspect of your project, at exactly the right time.
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